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2018 China-UK Forum on Statistical Technology Development was Successfully Held


    On the afternoon of December 14, the “2018 China-UK Forum on Statistical Technology Development”, hosted by School of Economics, Hebei University and Hebei Provincial Input-Output Association and co-organized by Magazine House of Hebei University, was held in the lecture hall 302 of the main building in Hebei University. More than 30 experts and scholars from the University of Sheffield, Peking University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hebei Provincial Input-output Association, Hebei University of Economics and Business, Hebei Agricultural University, Hebei GEO University, and Hebei University attended the forum.   

     Professor Yang Xuexin, Vice President of Hebei University, gave a welcome speech on behalf of Hebei University, and so did Researcher Song Hui, Chairman of the Hebei Provincial Input-output Association on behalf of the Hebei Provincial Input-Output Association. Professor Fang Xiangzhong from Peking University, Chairman of the Steering Committee of Statistical Teaching of Ministry of Education, delivered the opening speech.

    After the opening ceremony, a two-stage keynote lecture was held. Six excellent reports centered on the development and application of statistical technology were made by Dr. Chen Yu from the University of Sheffield, Professor Fang Xiangzhong from Peking University, Researcher Gwilym Owen from the University of Sheffield, Dr. Tang Zhipeng from Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Chen Zhiguo from Hebei University and Researcher Song Hui, Chairman of the Hebei Provincial Input-output Association. The topics involved some frontier methods, including the calculation of Gini coefficient, the preparation and application of input-output table, the measurement and analysis of influencing factors of inequality, health, satisfaction and equalization of basic public services. The forum was an academic feast, providing a precious learning opportunity for students and teachers of our university.

    Professor Wang Jinying and Professor Gu Liubao from Hebei University presided over two stages of the keynote lecture respectively. Researcher Song Hui gave a summary at the end of this forum. More than 100 undergraduate and graduate students majoring in statistics from our university attended the lecture.

   This forum has greatly enhanced exchanges and relationships between the Statistics Department of our school and prestigious universities at home and abroad, and expanded the influence of our school in the statistical field, which will help to improve the quality of talents in Statistics Department and promote discipline construction of our school.


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